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Giving Opportunities

Seat Sponsorship

Whether your passion is for music or drama, education or performance, we invite you to support the SBCC Performing Arts by naming a seat in our beautiful Garvin Theatre.

It’s easy to sponsor a seat

The name of whomever you’d like to honor or memorialize will be engraved on a plaque set into the arm of a Garvin Theatre seat.  You choose the inscription up to 22 characters on each of two lines.


2-1/2" long x 1" wide

Seat Sponsorship Benefits

  • You can choose the specific seat that you want to sponsor

  • Your sponsorship will last for the life of the theatre

  • Your name will be listed in all Theatre Group at SBCC event programs during the current season.

Guest Artist Fund

An alternative to making donations to the general fund of the Theatre Group is to direct your gift specifically toward THE GUEST ARTIST FUND at the SBCC Foundation.

One of the great experiences for an outstanding student actor is to work along side a professional actor. In past years we have employed from one to three Equity Guest Artists each season to improve the quality of the production and enhance the experience for our students.

The Equity Guest Artist contract calls for a weekly contribution from The Theatre Group of about $650. (This includes salary, pension and welfare). Since most guest artists come from out of town, it is also necessary for us to house actors according to Equity rules. This adds about $600 more per week to our costs, bringing the total to approximately $1,250/week. The average Equity contract covers a five week rehearsal period and an additional three week performance run for an eight week total. The average cost to fully employ one out-of-town actor for one show, is about $10,000.

By giving to the Guest Artist Fund, you enhance the experience for our community and student actors, improve the quality of our productions, and allow us to keep tickets affordable.

For information or questions contact:

Santa Barbara City College Foundation @ 805-965-0581 ext. 2601 or
The Theatre Group, Katie Laris @ 805-965-0581 ext. 2497

Volunteer to Usher

Volunteering to to usher is a great way to meet us and see a show for free!

Learn more here

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