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The Theatre Group


The Theatre Group at Santa Barbara City College, with its direct ties to the Alhecama Theatre, is the longest running theatre organization in Santa Barbara. Since 1978 it has been located in the Garvin Theatre Complex on the SBCC West campus. It is recognized as one of the outstanding theatre companies in the Tri-counties, both in terms of production quality and audience size.

Only the Best Talent


The Theatre Group at SBCC uses talent from the professional, community and student ranks. This hybrid relationship between the SBCC Theatre Arts Department and the local acting community makes for a unique and powerful program that both teaches and entertains. For information regarding the SBCC Theatre Arts Department, please visit our web site at

Our Mission


The mission of The Theatre Group at SBCC is twofold:

  • To provide high quality theatre at affordable prices for both our students and the community at large;

  • To provide a high end workshop experience for SBCC’s best student actors and technicians that takes place in a completely professional environment.

"Theatre doesn't get any better than this" - News Press 

Each year, The Theatre Group at SBCC produces four plays. Three are performed in the newly renovated 370 seat Garvin Theatre and one is performed in beautiful and intimate 100 seat Jurkowitz Theatre. Most shows run for twelve performances over a three week period. See Our Theatres page to learn more about Santa Barbara’s two newest, best equipped and most audience friendly theatres in town.

Production Gallery

To view all of our production photos, check out

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