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Current Auditions


By Kate Hamill

Adapted from the novel by Jane Austen

Directed by Katie Laris


Auditions: Tuesday, August 29th 6-9pm by appointment in the Garvin Theatre, SBCC West Campus (or by video submission by August 29th at 9pm)
Callbacks: Thursday, August 31st beginning at 5pm
Rehearsals begin: Tuesday, September 5th
Performances: October 11-28, 2023, Garvin Theatre

Please complete the audition form and bring it with you to your audition. Those submitting videos can complete the online form.


Rehearsals are organized around actor conflicts as much as possible. Typically rehearsals are held in the evenings and weekends, 15-20 hours per week with actors called and released as needed. As this is an ensemble reliant show, all actors will be called to most rehearsals.


Synopsis & Character Breakdown

Emma Woodhouse believes that she is the world’s greatest matchmaker, although her longtime friend Mr. Knightley has his doubts about that. When she sets her sights on finding a match for her new friend, the unsophisticated Harriet Smith, her best-laid plans go awry when the man she intended for Harriet turns out to have something very different in mind.  As her expectations for Harriet, her society and herself collapse around her, she suddenly comes to realize that her own true love may have been there all along.  Part classic romance and part screwball comedy, this new Jane Austen adaptation celebrates women’s agency even in the most traditional and restricted society.


Character breakdown (some characters may double)

  • Emma (19-30) Almost unbelievably charming, a natural comedienne, eminently lovable and eminently fallible. Very clever and verbally dexterous.

  • Harriet (18-28) Deeply likable person from the lower classes; very impressionable. Adores Emma.

  • Jane Fairfax (19-30) Overachiever, very composed, very accomplished, very smart. Governess.

  • Mrs. Weston (30-45) Emma’s former governess now married. Great common sense and humor.

  • Miss Bates (40-60) Headmistress of a girls’ school; cheerful and talks quickly and constantly.

  • Mrs. Bates (60-80) Wrapped in blankets and communicates in groans and non-verbal outbursts.

  • Mrs. Elton (20-40) High energy, disruptive laugh, obsessively in love with her new husband.

  • Mr. Knightley (25-40) Charming, upright guy with a great sense of humor. Loves Emma but has a competitively playful relationship with her.

  • Mr. Weston (30-50) Loving husband of Mrs. Weston.  Father of Frank Churchill.

  • Mr. Woodhouse (45-65) Over-anxious hypochondriac who believes in gruel as a health habit.

  • Frank Churchill (20-30) Charming, mischievous who is very flirtatious.  Has a rock star presence.

  • Robert Martin (20-30) Landscape worker who is in love with Harriet.

  • Mr. Elton (20-40) Clergyman who adores poetry and is a very focused social climber.


Audition Requirements

Please choose and prepare the sides from your character of choice. Sides are available here. A reader will be available at the auditions to read the other characters in your side. If time permits you may be asked to read another character, so you are encouraged to be familiar with all of the sides.


CONTACT: Katie Laris at or call 805-965-0581, ext. 2497 for appointment time and more information.




  • To upload a video submission go here.

  • Please download and complete an audition form and bring to your audition. Those submitting videos can complete the online form.

  • Auditionees can park in Lot 4B-4D on the West Campus

"I Love acting, it's much more real than life."

-Oscar Wilde

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