Audition Sides

Audition sides

As a general note, many of these are dialogue rather than monologues as the rapid paced patter of conversation in this play doesn’t involve a lot of speeches.  For the audition, please choose a character and deliver just their dialogue in your presentation (you can briefly pause when the other character in the scene is speaking).

Below is a table of audition sides by character. Please pick one of the sides available with which to audition and complete it virtually by clicking the "Upload Your Audition" button.

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Roles available:


  • Hercule Poirot (50-65) Famous Belgian detective: witty, astute, charismatic, egotistical, authoritative.

  • Monsieur Bouc (30-59) Belgian, Train company Director, kind, generous, funny, highly energetic, playful.

  • Mary Debenham (20s-40s) English governess, capable and romantic, hides her vulnerability with toughness.

  • Hector MacQueen (20s-50s) American, assistant to Ratchett, Tightly wound, edgy, on the verge of an outburst. 

  • Michel the Conductor (20’s-50s) French, polite, hard-working, eager to please.

  • Princess Dragomiroff (40’s-80) Russian dowager, very formal, imperious, impatient and impactful.

  • Greta Ohlsson (20s-50s) Eccentric and rather offputting, Swedish, very religious, a bit frightened.

  • Countess Andrenyi (20s-40s Impeccably dressed, warm and kind but steely when needed. Hungarian.

  • Colonel Arbuthnot (20s-40s) Scottish, Handsome, matter of fact, adventurous, commanding.

  • Helen Hubbard (40s-70s) Eccentric, bold and outspoken from the American midwest, nosy but friendly.

  • Samuel Ratchett (40s-60s) American Businessman with a gangster’s edge, pushy and domineering.

  • Head Waiter (20’s-50’s) Snotty and smooth—plays high status.

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