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Audition Sides

Audition sides

Please read the play and choose and prepare the sides from your character of choice. A reader will be available at the auditions to read the other characters in your side.

For more information, please contact Christina Frank at

Character Breakdown


All roles can be any ethnicity.


Leading Roles:


The Host: M or F, over 40 – An actor, the host talks directly to the audience. He or she introduces each scene, provides background on the characters and serves as the officiant for George and Emily’s wedding. He or she is warm and thoughtful and possesses a quiet sense of humor.


George: 33 – Kind and introspective with a dry sense of humor. A late bloomer. First appears as a 22 year old. He has known Emily his entire life.


Emily: 33 – Academically brilliant but, at times, emotionally fragile. Willing to ask tough questions; equally willing to answer them. Also appears as a 22 year old. She has known George her entire life.


Emily’s mother (Mira): 50-60 – Her husband of 30 years left her two years ago. She hasn’t recovered from the separation and is very anxious about seeing her ex-husband at their daughter’s wedding.


Supporting Roles:

Emily’s father (Charles): 50-60 – A decent man, a deep thinker, a good father.


Emily’s brother (Wally): 28 – He moved back to his childhood home to help his mother out after his parent’s separation. A nice young man who has a great relationship with his mom.


Professor Alison Willard: 50-60 - a cheerful, slightly scattered, well-meaning academic. She teaches Women’s Studies at a local college. (The performer who plays Professor Willard will also play George’s mother).


George’s mother (Julia): 50-60 – A bit more formal than her husband; a devout Catholic. (The performer who plays George’s mother will also play Professor Willard).


George’s Father (Frank): 50-60 – Quiet but not shy. Has keen insights into his son.


George’s sister (Rebecca): 30 – Brilliant, stylish, charming and driven. Has an MBA from Penn and a PhD from Stanford.


CONTACT: Christina Frank-Bellew, for an audition time, sides, parking passes and for more information.

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