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Current Auditions

The Wolves

by Sarah DeLappe
Directed by Sara Rademacher


By appointment or by video submission (*see campus Covid rules)
Tuesday, February 1st 4pm - 6pm Wednesday, February 2nd, 6pm - 8pm
Location: Jurkowitz Theatre, Santa Barbara City College
Deadline is 8pm on Wednesday, Feb. 2nd



Tuesday, February 8, 6- 8pm
1st Rehearsal: Monday, February 14th, 2022, Time TBD
Performances: April 6th - April 23rd, 2022
Auditions, rehearsals and performances will take place in the Jurkowitz Theatre, Santa Barbara City College

Please complete the audition form and bring it with you to your audition. Those submitting videos can complete the online form.

Proof of vaccination will be required to audition and N95 masks are required inside at all times except while onstage for your audition.

Production Content Warning

Discussions of emotionally charged topics including sexual assault, suicide, an ableist slur, and a fatal accident are part of this show. Please read the script if you believe this may be triggering.    



Rehearsals are organized around actor conflicts as much as possible. Typically rehearsals are held in the evenings and weekends, 15-20 hours per week with actors called and released as needed. As this is an ensemble reliant show, all actors will be called to most rehearsals.


Synopsis & Character Breakdown

In this contemporary slice-of-life play, The Wolves, a girls’ indoor soccer team, practice drills as they prepare for a succession of games. As they warm up and talk about life, the girls navigate the politics of their personal lives as well as the politics of the larger world. Each team member struggles to negotiate her individuality while being a part of a group. The team seems as if it may disband after the sudden death of one of the girls, but they manage to come together– closer, stronger, wiser, and fiercer. (Synopsis from Lincoln Center)

Inclusion Statement: In reference to the character descriptions below—most characters we encounter are currently on the binary and are written with she/her pronouns. However limiting the descriptions are, our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible. Actors of all race and ethnicities are encouraged to audition for the majority of roles (see character descriptions below). All of the roles except SOCCER MOM require a high level of physical movement and agility.


Character breakdown

  • #11 - Midfield. Brainy, morbid, budding elitist, thoughtful. Seventeen. Has a true interest in the world outside her suburban bubble and grapples with questions of morality. Studious in her interests.

  • #25 - Defense. Captain. Classic (ex.) coach's daughter. Seventeen. A leader. Determined to keep the team in line, and expects a certain excellence and decorum. Navigating teen hood and a budding queer relationship.

  • #13 - Midfield. Stoner, older pot dealer brother. Sixteen. Has a bit of a sardonic sense of humor, but maybe because she lives in the present and doesn’t really think ahead.

  • #46 - Bench. New girl. Awkward, different, just wants to fit in. Sixteen. Struggles wildly to find her social footing and the effort is laborious. A highly talented soccer athlete.

  • #2 - Defense. Innocent, unlucky, kind, skinny. Sixteen. Has lived a sheltered life with her strictly religious family. Has a secret eating disorder. Sweet but naïve.

  • #7 - Striker. Too cool for school. Sarcastic, "fuck," thick eyeliner. Almost 17. Precocious. Pushes the limits, and other people. Thinks she’s invincible, but an injury forces her to go from cool to cold.

  • #14 - Midfield. #7's insecure sidekick. Armenian. Sixteen. Tries to be cool like her BFF #7, but she isn’t quite ready to let go of adolescence. Loyal until betrayed.

  • #8 - Defense. Childlike and determined to stay that way. Sixteen. Really wants to go to Disneyworld.

  • #00 - Goalie. Intense performance anxiety, perfectionist, high achiever. Seventeen. Vomits from anxiety before every game. Constantly visualizing. Has a strong sense of justice.

  • Soccer Mom – Overwhelmed and transformed by grief.


Audition Requirements

Please read the play and choose and prepare the sides from your character of choice. Sides are available here. A reader will be available at the auditions to read the other characters in your side. If time permits you may be asked to read another character, so you are encouraged to be familiar with all of the sides.



To audition and be in the production you must provide proof of vaccination. N95 masks are required at all times inside the building unless you are onstage auditioning.  When you email for your audition time you will be asked to provide proof of vaccination. 


If you have any questions you may contact the director at For audition appointments contact Christina Frank,




  • To sign up for an audition time contact Christina Frank,

  • To upload a video submission go here.

  • Please download and complete an audition form and bring to your audition. Those submitting videos can complete the online form.

  • Auditionees can park in Lot 4B-4D on the West Campus,

  • Bring your proof of vaccination and an N95 mask to audition.

"I Love acting, it's much more real than life."

-Oscar Wilde

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