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Current Auditions

Legally Blonde

Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin

Book by Heather Hach

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture


Director: Katie Laris

Musical Director: David Potter

Choreographer: Christina McCarthy

Singing Auditions, January 27, 2024, 10:00am-3:30pm by appointment, Garvin Theatre, SBCC West Campus.

Video auditions will be accepted until 4pm on January 27, 2024.

Dance Auditions: January 27th, Jurkowitz Theatre (after singing audition); please plan to stay about an hour after your vocal audition

Callbacks: Sunday, February 4th from noon until 6pm; will include dance, vocals and reading from the script

Please complete the audition form and bring it with you to your audition. Those submitting videos can complete the online form.

Rehearsals begin: May 20, 2024 (Typically are from 6-10pm weekday evenings and occasional weekend days)

Performances:  July 10-July 27, 2024, Garvin Theatre 


SYNOPSIS: A sorority-sister valley girl goes to Harvard Law School to get her boyfriend back, and ends up defying expectations while staying true to herself. Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the MGM movie starring Reese Witherspoon.


AVAILABLE ROLES (the age range is flexible)


ELLE WOODS  21-28 [Female, Mezzo-Soprano Belt to C#5]
Confident & bubbly, Elle is the quintessential blonde Valley Girl, who follows her boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes she has much more to offer than a pretty face. She lifts up those around her, due to her intense drive and positivity. This actor should be a triple threat, and able to carry the momentum of the show (she is onstage for nearly the entire runtime). Must be comfortable being kissed on stage, must be comfortable with dogs. 

EMMETT FORREST 23-32 [Male, Tenor]
A smart, sensitive, and sometimes sarcastic law student who mentors Elle. He should be charming, a bit nerdy, lovable, and friendly. He’s worked his entire life to get into Harvard Law School, and nothing will come between him and becoming a partner in Callahan’s law firm, except maybe his surprising love for Elle. Must be comfortable being kissed on stage, must be comfortable with dogs.

PAULETTE BUONAFONTE  30-55 [Female, Mezzo-Soprano Belt]
Paulette is the funny owner of Hair Affair, a local salon. She becomes friends with Elle and longs to marry a man from Ireland. She and Elle help each other achieve their dreams! Must be comfortable with dogs, must be comfortable being kissed on stage. This actor should be a powerful belter vocally.

PROFESSOR CALLAHAN 40-65 [Male, Tenor]
A pompous, smooth, authoritative, and manipulative law professor. He has a reputation for being an extremely strict and tough professor and a highly successful lawyer. He will do anything to get what he wants, regardless of morality. Actor should be comfortable with a stage kiss.

Good-looking and charming, yet shallow and self-absorbed. Warner breaks up with Elle to go to Harvard Law School. He doesn’t think Elle is smart and serious enough to settle down with. He cares deeply about his reputation. Actor must be comfortable with a stage kiss.

VIVIENNE KENSINGTON 21-28 [Female, Mezzo-Soprano Belt to G#5]
A smart, serious, and uptight law student, seemingly the polar opposite of Elle. She comes from a very conservative East Coast background and is everything that Warner needs to make a serious move to become a lawyer. When she becomes Warner’s fiancée, she initially dismisses Elle, but grows to become her friend. Must be comfortable being kissed on stage, must be willing to be/become a brunette.

BROOKE WYNDHAM 30-50 [Female, Mezzo-Soprano to G#5]
An exercise video tycoon who is an alum of Elle’s sorority. She is energetic and charismatic, yet currently on trial for her husband’s murder. Dance skills and being physically fit is a must for this role, to properly do high level aerobics with enough stamina to continue singing. 

ENID HOOPS 21-28 [Female, Soprano/Mezzo Belter]
Enid is a strong, passionate, and outwardly feminist law student at Harvard, who is skeptical of Elle, and eventually becomes her friend. Must have great comedic timing and be able to patter-sing clearly.

SERENA, MARGOT, AND PILAR 17-28 [Females, Soprano/Mezzo/Alto]
These three ladies are Elle’s trio of best friends and sorority sisters, who help her navigate the story by acting as a “Greek Chorus”. Serena is the energetic cheerleader; Margot is the seemingly dim-witted, boy-crazy sorority sister. Pilar is the sassy and sensible one. They should be high energy performers to make a complementary, dynamic group.

KATE 18-28 [Female, Mezzo-Soprano Belter]
The brainiest and quirkiest sorority sister in Delta Nu, who helps Elle study to get into Harvard Law School. She has a featured vocal solo in “What You Want”.

KYLE B. O’BOYLE 28-50 [Male, Any Voice Type]
An attractive, smooth-talking UPS delivery man. He is Paulette’s dream guy. Irish dance skills are a plus.

ENSEMBLE 16-60 [Males & Females, All Voice Types]

High energy cast of singers, dancers and actors to play Delta Nu Sorority Girls, Frat Boys, Harvard Law Students, Salon Employees/Patrons, Prison Inmates, etc. Must have big personalities/stage presence to play many featured roles, like:
–GRAND MASTER CHAD [Male]: UCLA frat boy, has a featured solo in “What You Want”.
–DEWEY [Male]: Paulette’s nasty, rude, dog-stealing trashy ex-boyfriend.
–STORE MANAGER [Female]: Friend of Elle’s who offers her the latest fashion. Has a featured solo in “Omigod You Guys”.
–SALESWOMAN [Female]: Tries to scam Elle into buying a dress, thinking that she’s just a dumb blonde.
–SUNDEEP PADAMADAN [Male]: An entitled Harvard student. Featured solo in “The Harvard Variations”.
–AARON SCHULTZ [Male]: A smug, arrogant, and privileged Harvard student. Featured solo in “The Harvard Variations”.
–WINTHROP, LOWELL, & PFORZHEIMER [Any]: Harvard admissions officers. Featured scene during “What You Want”.
–NIKOS ARGITAKOS [Male]: Brooke Wyndham’s pool boy. Featured in “Gay or European”.
–CARLOS [Male]: Nikos’s boyfriend. Featured in “Gay or European”.
–ELLE’S MOM [Female]: High society Malibu socialite, comedically snaps selfies with her daughter.
–ELLE’S DAD [Male]: High society Malibu golfer, has a featured solo in “What You Want”.
–LEILANI [Female]: One of the Delta Nu sorority sisters, has a short featured solo in “Omigod You Guys”.
–GAELEN [Female]: One of the Delta Nu sorority sisters.
–CASHIER & KIKI THE COLORIST [Any]: Employees at the Hair Affair salon. Featured dance solo in “Bend and Snap”.
–WHITNEY [Female]: Snobby Harvard law student and Vivienne’s best friend. Her dad is next in line to be the Speaker of the House.
–CHUTNEY WYNDHAM [Female]: Brooke’s bitter stepdaughter. Featured in the courtroom scene as a witness. Must be able to have a comedic nervous breakdown onstage.
–JUDGE [Female]: Featured in the courtroom scene, with a short vocal solo in “Scene of the Crime/Omigod Reprise”.
–COURT STENOGRAPHER [Any]: Comedic feature in the courtroom scene. Can be monotone or overly enthusiastic.
–DISTRICT ATTORNEY JOYCE RILEY [Female]: Featured in the courtroom scene, prosecuting Brooke Wyndham.
-TV REPORTER [Any]: Cheesy news reporter, featured in the courtroom scene.


CONTACT: Christina Frank at  to schedule an audition time. Go to to upload a video audition and for further information.


  • To sign up for an audition time contact Christina Frank,

  • To upload a video submission go here.

  • Please download and complete an audition form and bring to your audition. Those submitting videos can complete the online form.

  • Auditionees can park in Lot 4B-4D on the West Campus,

"I Love acting, it's much more real than life."

-Oscar Wilde

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